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We buy from:

  • Industries and producers
  • discounters
  • wholesalers
  • importers
  • banks
  • insolvency administrators
  • agents
  • stocklots dealers

Do you have surplus goods, seasonal items, plan a rollout or do you keep restricted wares which you do not seem to be able to get rid off?

As a specialist, you are certainly aware of the fact that goods which take up too much space will, thus, also inhibit your cash flow.

You are safe with us as your personal experts by your side. Please do contact us.

For your first assessement we require:

  • the respective articles (perhaps EAN)
  • a short description
  • photos
  • precise quantities

Offer items

You will receive a response within 48 hours.
Alternatively, you can, of course, call us.

Buying and selling follow accepting our terms and conditions.


Nuxxos Büro Rüthen
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Warehouse and showroom:
Lütke Haar 13 - 59602 Rüthen
appointment by telephone under
+49 172 664 724 2

Contact person:
Thomas Brömmeling
Schützenhof 19 - 59423 Unna

Phone: +49 2303 929 500 2